Below are some examples of product packages which we can build according to your business needs.

Mazifur PR works mainly with small businesses and charities around the Cheshire and Greater Manchester area, but we’re always looking to expand our client base, so don’t hesitate to get in touch, and together we can build up a package which works for you!


Our services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Creation of Press Releases

  • Creation of a social Media Style Guide and Strategy

  • Set up of social media accounts [Twitter, Instagram, Facebook]

  • Social Media Growth Strategy

  • SEO Blog Posts

  • Creation of media ‘hitlists’*

  • Website creation [using Squarespace]

  • Event planning

  • Logo Design

  • Creation of Newsletters


The process

The consultation

The first step is arranging a couple of hours for me to come and provide a consultation. This is free of charge, and I’ll usually come to your business location so I can get a grasp of who you are as a brand, and provide guidance and advice in terms of going forward with your public relations.

the plan

After the first meeting, I’ll then formulate a plan, specifically tailored to what you need as a business, and what I feel is required to grow your brand and take it to the next step. This will be provided with full transparency so there’s no nasty surprises when you get your invoice at the end of the month!

The Work

Once the work you need me to do has been discussed and agreed, I’ll begin working through the plan which we have. I’ll remain constantly in contact with you, and keep you up to date with my progress and achievements. This will mostly be through email, but may also constitute telephone assistance should this be required.

The Invoice

I send out invoices on the last Friday of each month, and unless agreed otherwise, these are to be paid in full within 7 days. The invoice I provide will be transparent, and provide you with a full breakdown of the work I’ve carried out. Any queries, do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

The results

Once the invoice has been sent to you, I’m more than happy to arrange another meeting to discuss the results I’ve achieved, and also to discuss future actions for the month ahead.



SEO Blog Post - £20

500-750 word blog post, written to improve the SEO of your brand’s website.

Press Release - £100

A 500-750 word press release, including a ‘Notes to the Editor’ section. This press release will be sent out to a variety of national and local publications.

Creation of a social media ‘hitlist’ - £40-60

A comprehensive list of relevant local publications, bloggers and journalists who should be sent a copy of your press release.

Newsletters - £20-40

Includes written content, as well as a designed newsletter which reflects your brand.

Social Media Report - £60-80

An in depth, informal report providing advice about how best to publicise your brand on social media. Includes definitions and breakdowns of each of the main social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) and also extra marketing devices you can use (newsletters, press releases, SEO blog posts). A device used when I provide a consultation, but a report that you can keep and use as a reference. You’ll be provided with a first version for you to look over, and then edits can be made according to what you’d like to have included.

Consultation - £20 per hour

Your first consultation is free, but location consultations, whereby I visit your business’ premises in order to provide consultation services, is charged at £20 per hour.

Website Creation - £650 + £150 annual renewal charge

Creation of a website using Squarespace as a platform. This makes it easy for you to edit, but the perfect package if you don’t have the time to sit and design and create your own website.

Event Planning - POA

The planning of an event in order to publicise and celebrate your brand.

Logo Design - POA

Your own personal logo for your brand.