What is a press release? 

what is a press release

What is a press release?

One of the most questions I get asked as a PR consultant based in Cheshire is, “What is a press release?” A press release is one of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to get your business’s news, or even your products, into a publication. 

What can a press release be about? 

A press release can be about pretty much anything! They’re usually about things considered as ‘news’, be that an event happening, the opening of a new business, or even an article about a range of products you stock. Press releases can also be about research which you’ve carried out, or even a new appointment which you’ve made in  your business. 

What’s included in one? 

A press release should be about 350-500 words long. It can be longer, and it can be shorter, but that’s a rough estimate for how long a press release should be. 

Every press release should include: a boiler plate, which is a short (100 words) description of your business, and contact details for how people can get in touch; high quality pictures, as no article will be published unless there are some pictures to go with it; a date for when an article can be published, so some press releases can be for an immediate release, whereas some will need to be embargoed until a certain time or date in the future; general information, and this should be set out in an easy to read fashion, with an introduction, middle and conclusion, as though you’re reading a news story; headings are also important in some cases to break up big blocks of text; a quote, so a sentence or two from either yourself or someone in the business about what’s happening; and, finally, links to your website / social media, to enable journalists to backlink to your sites or research further for an article. 

If it’s an event, there should be some information about where the event is happening, the date and time of the event, what will be happening at the event and also a brief description of why the event is happening. 

Who is it sent to? 

A press release is sent to journalists, bloggers and influencers. Sometimes, press releases are published on your website or social media pages for your customers to see, and some even choose to send a press release out to their email database to raise awareness about the topics raised in the release. 

Here at Mazifur PR, we send your press release to a highly refined, but large database of journalists and bloggers to ensure a high success rate of publication. 

How much time does it take? 

A press release can be written, checked and sent out to the database in roughly 5 hours, give or take. 

What’s your success rate? 

We have a high success rate of our press releases being published, and this is due to our upmost care and attention being paid to our spelling, grammar and timing of press releases being sent out. Our clients have been featured in the Knutsford Guardian, the Knutsford Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Enki Magazine, Stylist Magazine and Hello magazine, to name but a few.  

How much does it cost?

A press release, including writing of the press release and sending out of a press release, can cost anywhere in the region of £100 to £1,000. This depends on how big your business is, how many people you want it sending to, and how detailed you want your press release to be. 

Here at Mazifur PR, we charge the competitive rate of £75 for the writing and distribution of a press release.