Seven reasons why Mrs Hinch sets the best example of how to run your small business’s Instagram account

Photo taken from Mrs Hinch’s Instagram page. To view the original image, click here.

Mrs Hinch is one of the most popular Instagram accounts to have come out of the past year. With 2.5m followers, and a loyal ‘Hinch Army’, she’s absolutely bossing Instagram, and she’s a great example of how to run a small business’s Instagram account.

Here are seven reasons why Mrs Hinch sets the best example of how to run your small business’s Instagram account.

Regular Posting

Mrs Hinch updates her story all the time. She tells her followers pretty much everything that she’s doing, where she’s going, what she’s thinking. Whilst some people might think this is an excessive way to manage your Instagram account, it really works. This regular posting of updates allows Mrs Hinch to engage with her followers and vice versa, and this engagement is what makes your Instagram the best it can be.

Engaging content

Mrs Hinch doesn’t only post regularly, but the content she posts on her story is interesting to her followers. She is relatable and honest about who she is and what she does, and this self-deprecating attitude actually builds trust in her brand. She probably doesn’t even know she’s doing it, but it’s a very good sales technique on social media. To point out your faults before anyone else can in the comments actually builds a lot of respect and trust in her brand. It’s like when Phil and Kirsty show people around homes - they always point out the faults and frame it in a positive light before the people buying point it out and dwell on it.

‘How to’ videos

One thing which search engines and algorithms love is ‘How to’ videos. It’s what many people search for when they have a question they want to find the answer to - ‘how to bleed a radiator’ or ‘how to start a business’ would be classic examples. Also, people are always searching for ‘#LifeHacks’ to make their life easier, and that’s the content which Mrs Hinch produces.

Her videos are quick, snappy, fairly ‘to the point’, and contain all the information that you need to replicate the task she’s just done. The main benefit which these Instagram stories have over YouTube is that they have to be quick. There’s no convoluted intro, no crazy graphics and annoying music - it’s just her giving an easy to follow ‘how to’ video that you could probably do at the same time as she’s showing you.

Her videos and images are also super shareable. You can share these tips with your friends, your mum, your sister, and also her interior decor images are great for inspiration, so people will send them to their partner.

Her tile posts are aesthetically pleasing

Mrs Hinch mainly uses the story feature on Instagram, but she also posts the occasional tile picture too. These tile pictures are all hand picked and have a specific look. Therefore, when you scroll through the feed, it looks really nice and very aesthetically pleasing. Even though I always believe that quantity is better than quality with Instagram, it’s also important that your Instagram feed looks appealing to your audience.

She has a clear brand identity

Mrs Hinch has a very clear idea of what her brand is. Yes, her brand is being ‘her’, but at the same time, everything she produces is very ‘on brand’ and fits with the image of Mrs Hinch. Her brand is very glamorous, in that many of her interiors are silver, grey and white and modern in style. She’s also very honest and funny, and this all adds to who she is as a brand. If she suddenly started having antique furniture, and brightly coloured walls, it wouldn’t fit with her brand, and she’d lose some of her audience.

She gives her followers confidence in her brand

When I say she gives followers confidence, I don’t mean she builds them up and motivates them as such - she may well inspire and influence them to have a cleaner and tidier home, but confidence in the respect of “Mrs Hinch” as a brand. She’s honest with her followers, even to the point of being ‘negative’ about her own skillset - “I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, but we’re all still learning aren’t we!”, and this actually builds a trusting relationship between her and her followers, in that she’s not ‘bullshitting’ that she’s perfect.

She knows her audience

To be successful on Instagram, it’s important you know who your audience is. Mrs Hinch knows her audience to a tee, and therefore when she’s recording herself talking to camera, she has a very clear idea in her mind who exactly she’s talking to. Her audience are mostly women who spend a lot of time in their homes, whether they are stay at home mums or work from home. They are also women who have an interest in keeping a tidy and clean home, and don’t have large amounts of disposable income. Most of her shopping is done in the likes of low cost stores like Home Bargains and B&M. She herself is glamorous and lives an aspirational lifestyle - she doesn’t ‘work’ as such, she lives in a nice modern house with nice furnishings which is, obviously, always tidy and clean, and she herself always has lovely hair, her lashes on and gets her nails done. She has the ability to be aspirational without alienating her audience.