What should I be posting on my Instagram account?

As a Knutsford based PR agency, one of the things I get asked a lot is “What should I be posting on my Instagram account?”. But there really is no need for Instagram, and the question of what to post, to be such a big source of anxiety. Therefore, I’ve written this article to give some guidance about what you should be posting on Instagram.

You don’t have to be an ace photographer or content creator

One thing a lot of my clients get hung up on is what to actually post. They can often spend too long creating the perfect shot, or filming the perfect video, rather than actually focussing on actively posting and engaging on Instagram.

Instagram, as an algorithm, doesn’t really care about whether you’re a top photographer - it’s about whether you’re posting regularly and engaging on their platform, so you should never get too hung up on what your images look like.

Which brings me onto my next point...

It should reflect who you are as a person

Ultimately, for most of my clients, the majority of whom are solo entrepreneurs, they really are the business. It’s therefore important that your Instagram feed reflects who you are as a person and as a brand. If you’re a fun, outgoing, gregarious person, your feed shouldn’t just be dull, corporate, boring content. Always remember to channel who you are as a person - you’re doing great sweetie!

You should be posting regularly

In order to grow your following and engagement levels, you should try and post roughly once a day, give or take. If you post more than that, Instagram could flag you as being a spam account, and if you post less, you could be missing out on eyeballs seeing your content.

You can also use the Instagram story feature as much as possible in order to keep a regular dialogue going with your customers.

You shouldn’t lose too much sleep over what to post

Some of my clients can get too worried about what they should post, creating a content calendar weeks in advance, but social media doesn’t, and shouldn’t, work like that. Instead, it should be a reactive platform, where you react to what the current trends or topics of conversation are. You can have a brief, pencil draft of what to post, but you shouldn’t feel too inclined to stick to it rigidly, instead posting what’s relevant and current to that day.


Hashtags are a great way to get your brand out there and easily found on Instagram. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, and they can be posted either in the caption, or as a comment underneath. I have a note on my phone with a range of different hashtags to use, but I group these and keep track of the ones I’ve used. Instagram doesn’t like it if you repeatedly use the same hashtags over and over again, seeing you as being a spam account, so instead you should aim to use as many different hashtags as you can and spread them out.

For more information and help all things social media, head over to the ZoConnected website here.