Vegan + Glo



Vegan + Glo is a vegan catering company based in Knutsford, Cheshire. It’s run by Fiona Carter, and they also work to provide vegan cookery lessons to people at the Vegetarian Society in Altrincham and also Food Sorcery in Didsbury. You can learn more about the brand here.


The main objectives of working with Vegan + Glo were:

  • To improve the social media feeds of the company and increase following

  • To make more people aware of Vegan + Glo as a brand


As part of the strategy, it was important to build the confidence of the owner, Fiona, when it came to posting on social media. She felt that she didn’t really know what kind of content she should be posting, and didn’t feel especially confident posting. Therefore, I provided an hour long, one-to-one consultation, visiting the HQ of Vegan + Glo and worked to find the best lighting and location for Fiona to take pictures of her food on a daily basis and upload them to Instagram.

After this had been carried out, Fiona requested a social media report be completed, in which we worked through each of the social media platforms and provided advice and analysis about how best to grow Vegan + Glo as a brand on social media.


Fiona was delighted with the help we provided during our hour long consultation, and above all, it gave her the confidence to post on social media on a regular basis. She now posts pictures of her delicious food, and in turn, this helps publicise her company as a brand to a vital local audience.

Marie-Elise Worswick