Pride in People

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Pride in People is a freelance HR consultancy based in Knutsford, Cheshire. They specialise in working with SMEs around the Cheshire and Greater Manchester area, providing human resources services on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.


The objectives of working with Pride in People were to:

  • Grow the social media following of Pride in People

  • To raise brand awareness on a local level


The main strategy was based around providing consultancy and advice about how Pride In People could go about growing their social media following. Ultimately, they knew that they needed some kind of marketing and advertising doing, but weren’t sure how best to go about it.

We started by having an hour long consultation with them to assess their aims, before providing advice about what they could be posting. We showed them businesses similar to their own and how they created a social media ‘buzz’ around their brand.

We then created a marketing and PR report, in which we outlined all of the potential ways of growing publicity of the brand, and giving the pros and cons of each with regards to the personal aims of Pride in People as a company.


The social media and marketing report helped to provide a little more stability and order to the marketing strategy behind Pride in People, and also allowed them to have a better alignment of who they are as a brand and how best to market this to their target audience.

Marie-Elise Worswick