Wine and Wallop


Wine and Wallop Group own restaurants across the South Manchester region, including Folk in West Didsbury, Wine and Wallop in Didsbury, and Wine and Wallop in Knutsford.


The objective of working with Wine and Wallop was to raise their profile with both local and national press outlets, as well as with online food bloggers. We wanted to get the word out about what Wine and Wallop can offer customers, and also ensure they were featured in a variety of different press outlets as ‘Place to go’.

We also wanted to improve the social media accounts of each of the three locations, ensuring their brand was visible in the local area, and was part of online conversations.


The strategy involved:

  • Putting together an in-depth and relevant list of press contacts and bloggers

  • Writing press releases and inviting journalists and bloggers to come and visit the site

  • Creating a social media strategy and style guide for each of the three locations

  • Creating content for monthly newsletters across the three sites


The results were that people were made better aware of the variety of things the Wine and Wallop Group Restaurants were able to offer to customers. Whereas before, their advertising process was more ‘organic’, relying on word of mouth, the above strategy enabled people to constantly be reminded of each of the restaurants and be more aware of their brand.

They had high-quality reviews written by the likes of Adam and Katy Rickitt (InCheshire Magazine), as well as Emily Pegg (Knutty Mums Blog), and this improved brand awareness whilst also improving the SEO of the website due to link-backs.

Furthermore, the social media accounts were able to have better direction and focus after my report and style guides were published, with a clear list of aims and goals being set out for all members of staff to aim towards.

Marie-Elise Worswick