Our Mission Statement

To provide small and medium enterprises with a reliable, conscientious, and hard-working public relations strategy that they can trust.


Mazifur PR is a freelance public relations consultancy based in Knutsford, Cheshire.

Set up in January 2019, Mazifur PR specialises in social media, content creation and media relations, and primarily works with small, locally owned businesses around the Cheshire and Greater Manchester area.

Whilst ‘Mazifur PR’ is primarily lead by freelance consultant, Marie-Elise Worswick, it’s grown into something of an agency, with a variety of highly-talented freelance creatives on their books, including photographers, graphic designers, bloggers and website builders, to name but a few.

The thing which makes Mazifur PR stand out is that they understand every single one of their clients, and this allows the development of a story which can be used to market your brand, and give potential customers confidence in your products.


Mazifur PR is primarily run by Marie-Elise Worswick, a young professional with three years of experience in the journalism industry, as well as experience working for a fast-paced, highly regarded PR agency in Manchester city centre.

Mazifur PR, as an agency, has experience working on consumer facing campaigns, as well as B2B campaigns, and has a wide range of relevant and valuable contacts across many industries.

Clients come from a variety of sectors, including: the interior design industry, the auto trade, the catering industry, and the hospitality industry, as well as charitable organisations.


As a PR consultant and adviser, Mazifur PR specialises in:

  • Social Media Consultancy

    • Take your business to the next level by improving the strategy of your social media presence

  • SEO

    • Including SEO blog posts and website content

  • Media relations

    • Such as writing and publishing press releases, working with influencers and providing advice and consultancy with regards to how to deal with the media

  • Event planning

    • Arranging marketing events to ensure your brand is visible, and celebrate your business’ achievements


  • To give entrepreneurs confidence in their brand and in their choice of Mazifur PR as a contractor

  • To put the client first, and maintain constant transparent contact with the customer at every stage of the PR process

  • To maintain good local and national relationships with relevant brands and publications to ensure a wide network of people are aware of and are supportive of Mazifur PR and their respective clients

  • To work in an ethical and mindful manner, providing opportunities for people and brands from a variety of backgrounds

  • To innovate and modernise the PR industry, making public relations accessible for all

For more information, please email maz@mazifur.com.